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       Guizhou Aviation Technology Development Co., Ltd. (GATD) was established in September 2006 . It is a forging company that specializes in advanced technology research mainly focusing on engineering applications. GATD is an advanced engineering forging technology research center for the Technology Development Department of Guizhou Provincial Government. And also, It is one of the first batch that has received honor as “state-certifed hi-tech enterprise”. [MORE]
(Production capability) Accurate rolling of ring forging, free forging, heat treatment and machining
   supply all kinds of metals in the forms of rolled ring forging, die forging, free forging, and isothermal forging.
(quality assurance) The company has a complete quality assurance system
  GATD has been accredited to many major quality assurance certificates such as ISO 9001:2008 for management and administration, AS9100B (EN9100:2003/SI, JISQ9100:2004) for aerospace, GJB9001A-2001 for military, ISO14001 for environmental protection, and OHSAS18000 for workers’ health and safety care. In addition, GATD’s isolated information system has met the confidential requirements of China military and thus been approved to handle and produce army products.
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